Fashion Communication / Styling / Creative Direction

Daniela Benaim is a fashion writer, stylist and creative director based in London. 
Born and raised in Venezuela, she has learned the art of creating with scarce resources.

When she was studying for a degree in Media and Communication, she started with another student, Isabella Cárdenas, a community service project in response to the shortages of cloth. Retazo (the Spanish word for fabric scrap) consists of the collection of used clothing, its transformation by local designers, and the donation of the money raised for a cause. 

With an insatiable appetite for literature, art, film, music, history and sociology, Daniela always intends to go beyond the clothes and express something else. She has a strong commitment to promoting sustainable and ethical fashion; and to producing projects that blur the gender binary.

She is currently studying Ma Fashion Communication: Fashion Image at Central Saint Martins.